7 Reasons Why I Joined Omar & Melinda Martin's
My Unfair Advantage
Even Though 
I Never Join Online Business Opportunities!

Plus... How To Claim

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7 Reasons I Joined MUA And
Why I Recommend You Join Too!

#1 Done For You Product Library

The product library starts with 50 products in HIGH DEMAND niches and we are adding to this library every single month. This is all ORIGINAL content that you would easily have to pay over $500 EACH to produce yourself.

#2 Done For You Tools & Software

The MUA membership gives you free access to every level of the core products. You get access to all top selling courses, plugins and software tools, all the upsells all the memberships nothing is held back.

#3 Live Weekly Training Webinars

The most unique, engaging and informative training webinars on the web take place LIVE every Thursday at 9:00 PM Est. These PRIVATE episodes are between 2-4 hours of PURE CONTENT with new topics and questions answered weekly!

#4 MUA Coaching Archives

This is an internet marketing encyclopedia that they could charge THOUSANDS of dollars for because there are well over 300 recorded training sessions in here. You'll never miss a minute of the weekly coaching because each episode is immediately stored in our training vault for easy access later. You can attend live or watch the replay at any time. 

#5 Live Person To Answer Questions

The weekly Q&A periods are great If you're stuck on anything just ask. The weekly webinars use the GoToWebinar platform where you can even show your screen and get help right on your computer LIVE. Plus every single session is recorded for you so you can play it back in the members area whenever you want.

#6 Solution To Problems Most Face

MUA has the most robust and “complete” done for you system.

A membership site where you could get everything you need under one roof. A community where the tools are right there  for you, a wide variety of pre-made products for you to chose from, pre-made websites, proven traffic systems, detailed list building and HELP. Expert ongoing LIVE help  on a weekly basis, the answers you need when you need them.

Everything in one place.

#7 Exclusive Marketing Family

When your a member of MUA you are a member of their marketing family. I have made so many business contacts and true friends since I became a member years ago. I am not sure how I found MUA but I am so glad I did. If you have been hopping around looking for a real online home with real people that care about your success, then I say give you have found it right here.   

Stop And Think About This 

Pause and really think about this for a second. Can you imagine having access to so much consistent and reliable income that you could truthfully say you NEVER have work for someone else ever again?

As long as the internet exists, you won't have to worry about money again either, thanks to this business system.

Get These Bonuses

When You Join Before The Timmer Hit's Zero

BONUS # 1  - EZ Video Marketing 

EZ Video Marketing

Video is arguably the most powerful, trending mode of marketing and communication today.

Drive more engagement
Boosts conversions like crazy
64% of consumers are more likely to buy
You Get 100% PLR Rights To This Product
You get the ebook, the video and the PLR License 

BONUS # 2  - EZ Banner Advertising 

EZ Banner Advertising

Banner advertising has come a long way since its humble beginnings centuries ago.

Learn how banner ads work best
What are the different types of banner ads
Create brand awareness
You Get 100% PLR Rights To This Product
You get the ebook, the video and the PLR License 

BONUS # 3  - EZ Internet Marketing 

EZ Internet Marketing

Discover the top 10 internet marketing strategies that are working today.

Step by step instruction
Get the most out of your marketing
Learn what is working and what is not
You Get 100% PLR Rights To This Product
You get the ebook, the video and the PLR License 

BONUS # 4  - EZ Facebook Ads 

EZ Facebook Ads

More than 45% of marketers report that Facebook is a critical part of their business

Determine the targeting, placement
Design an eye-popping ad creative
Put these steps into action today
You Get 100% PLR Rights To This Product
You get the ebook, the video and the PLR License 

BONUS # 5  - EZ Twitter Marketing 

EZ Twitter Marketing

Twitter is, without question, one of the most active, popular social platforms on the web.

About one third of all social media users are on twitter
Tap into millions of users
This is the ultimate twitter guide
You Get 100% PLR Rights To This Product
You get the ebook, the video and the PLR License 

BONUS # 6  - Over 800 Products

 800 Amazing Digital Product Vault

Most of these products come with professionaly made sales material included. Such as graphics, main sales page, ebook and download thank you page. No more wasted time hoping your page converts.

Here are a few ways you can put the products to work for you.

Use content for research for your own product. 
Everything is in one place at your fingertips.
Use as a bonus for affiliate sells.
Use content on your website or blog.
Break ebooks into sections for blog posts.
You Get Master Resell Rights To Everything.

BONUS # 7  - Over 3000 Images

Huge Beautiful Image Vault

You will enjoy instant access to thousands of amazing images. Categorizes from A to Z  with samples of what is in each library. Are you still paying high dollars for just one image. Well Not Anymore!

Here are a few ways you can put the products to work for you.

Never pay for another image again.
Impress your customers eye popping images.
Categorizes in folders by niche.
Use on your Blog, Facebook page, Pinterest and more.
You get thousands of amazing royalty free images. 
You Get Master Resell Rights To Everything.

BONUS # 8  - Over 100,000 Articles

 Incredible Article Vault

I have packed the article library with over 100,000 articles for you to use as you please. These articles cover just about everything.

These articles are great research or use it for your product, blog, website.

You will never worry about content again.
Covering almost every topic from A to Z
Content creation has never been easier.
Most articles are in word or pdf.
You can easily create your own product. 
You Get Master Resell Rights To Everything.

BONUS # 9  - Over 1000 Graphics

 Jaw Dropping Graphics Vault

Every website or product needs graphics and now you have a never ending supply. Graphics are a great way to add pop to your website or product.

Use these graphics on your websites or next product.

Use these to add spice to your next project.
Never search the web again for graphics.
1000s of editable graphics unlimited possibles.
Sell your graphics and keep the profits.
Easily create what you need from this collection. 
You Get Master Resell Rights To Everything.

BONUS # 10  - Over 400 Music Track

Background Music Tracks Vault

Background music is a great way to spice up your videos and audios. These background tracks are yours to use as you please. Background music can help put that professional touch.

Background music can add that professional touch to your projects.

Your next video will impress your customers.
Access to any new background tracks added.
Always have a personal supply of background music.
Great way to spice up your video and audio.
You will have the sound you want when you need it.
You Get Master Resell Rights To Everything.


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How To Claim Your Bonuses

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